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Tim Botts Calligraphy > ORIGINAL ART For SALE > Be My Guide - Original Art of John Calvin's Prayer #3042


Out of print. No longer available. Sorry

Be My Guide - Original Art of John Calvin's Prayer #3042

O Dear Lord,
Heavenly Father, I ask you to be my guide,
not only today but for all my life.
Increase your grace in me each day,
until you have brought me into full union with your Son,
Jesus Christ our Lord,
who is the true Sun of our souls,
shining day and night forever.

- John Calvin, 1509-1564


Own the Original
Hand Scripted Calligraphy by Timothy R. Botts

Be My Guide by John Calvin
While John Calvin was one of the father's of the Reformation, his prayer is a prayer for Christians from all traditions. For, as he says, it is God who must be our guide, filling us with His grace and bringing us into "full union" with Jesus, who is the "true sun of our souls shining day and night forever!"

Original Calligraphy - 2017   |   11" x 14"   |   $ 600

    - Beautiful Watercolor Calligraphy on Rag Paper
    - Deckle Edge  |  Unframed
    - Hand Embellished with Gold Leaf Details
    - Signed by Timothy R. Botts

Shipping cost includes insurance

Contact Amy - If you have questions or want to learn more about Tim and his art | 616-235-2929

Prayer by John Calvin, 1509-1564<br/>
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Be My Guide
Prayer by John Calvin, 1509-1564
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