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ML - In God's Hands - Martin Luther - Original Art #3166

I have held many things
in my hands and
I have lost them all

But whatever I have placed in God's hands
That I still possess.

Quote by Martin Luther

Own the Original
Hand Scripted Calligraphy by Timothy R. Botts

In God's Hands - Artist Notes by Tim
Therefore, if we recognize the great and precious things which are given us, as Paul says in Romans 5:5, our hearts will be filled by the Holy Spirit, with the love which makes us free, joyful, almighty workers and conquerors over all our tribulations, servants of our neighbors, and yet lords of all.

Martin Luther "Freedom of a Christian"

Original Calligraphy - 2017   |   11" x 14"   |   $ 600

    - Beautiful Watercolor Calligraphy on Rag Paper
    - Deckle Edge  |  Unframed
    - Hand Embellished with Gold Leaf Details
    - Signed by Timothy R. Botts

Shipping cost includes insurance

Contact Amy - If you have questions or want to learn more about Tim and his art | 616-235-2929

Calligraphy by Tim Botts

In God's Hands
Calligraphy by Tim Botts

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