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Genesis 22:15-18 - Original Art #3067

The angel of the Lord called to Abraham:
This is what the Lords says.
Because you have obeyed me
I will certainly bless you.
I will multiply your descendants,
like the stars in the sky,
and the sand on the seashore,
and all the nations of the earth
will be blessed.

Own the Original
Hand Scripted Calligraphy by Timothy R. Botts

Genesis 22:15 - Artist Notes by Tim
The background for this text is inspired by early mapmakers" drawings of the heavens. The connections between stars represent relationships between families. Obedience to God's commands, which is written in a strict medieval style, is his one condition for the fulfillment of this beautiful blessing.

Original Calligraphy - 2018   |   11" x 14"   |   $ 600

    - Beautiful Watercolor Calligraphy on Rag Paper
    - Deckle Edge  |  Unframed
    - Hand Embellished with Gold Leaf Details
    - Signed by Timothy R. Botts

Shipping cost includes insurance

Contact Amy - If you have questions or want to learn more about Tim and his art | 616-235-2929

Calligraphy by Timothy R. Botts<br>
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Genesis 22:15-18
Calligraphy by Timothy R. Botts
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