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Mark 15:33-38 #965

At noon darkness fell
cross the whole land
until three o'clock
and the curtain in
the temple was torn
In two from top
to bottom, when
the Roman officer
who stood facing
him saw how
He had died he exclaimed
Truly this was the son of God


Mark 4:3-9 #962

A farmer went out to plant some seed
As he scattered it across his field
some seed fell on a footpath
and the birds came and ate it

Other seed fell on shallow soil with underlying rock
The plant sprang up quickly
but it soon silted beneath the hot sun and died
because the roots had no nourishment in the shallow soil

Other seed fell among thorns
that shot up and choked out
the tender blades
so that it produced no grain . . .


Mark 8:36 #963

How do you benefit
if you gain the whole world
but lose your own soul
in the process?


Mark 9:23-24 #964

Anything is possible
if a person believes

I do believe
but help me not to doubt

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